Word puzzles are probably the most popular of pastimes for people who enjoy quizzes, you only have to look at the popularity of crosswords to realise that. They also make great paper rounds as the combined “brain -power” of the team always helps to solve even the most difficult of clues. You can almost feel the energy at a good quiz!

I have split these quizzes into three sections, but as always this are just my thoughts and I am sure that you can think of many different possibilities for exciting paper rounds.


  1. Jean says:

    Please help racking my brains and completely stuck
    20 S in a P
    2 P in a Q, 4 Q in a G
    C of 9 T
    The 3 M B, G, H and C
    1 M T is A M T
    1F, 2F, RF, BF

  2. A Bagworth says:

    Any ideas on these?
    8 Q in a S
    14 P in a NM


  3. John Dorson says:

    Grateful for anyone’s help with:

    4 = mm (RB).

    I just know I will kick myself…

  4. Tracey Johnson says:

    Can anyone please help ?
    AS IN TS9
    1 HW
    3W FROM A GL
    3 RC
    1H = 8S
    4W AND A F
    2 C 3 a c
    AT OF 2 c

  5. Alex bridges says:

    275 R O M W

    18 C of A

  6. Georgia says:

    Please help!!

    9 C in T W L (with A R)

    Driving me insane!!

  7. PLEE says:


    10=S in the LM

  8. patricia lee says:

    10 S in the LM

    • Helen Ross says:

      I’m usually pretty good at these but you got me stumped. I was totally blown away about two weeks ago when the category of Ditloids was on Jeopardy ! so, help me out on yours. maybe it’s just too early in the morning !!! this would be a really fun thing for an English teacher to do every day. Put it on the “blackboard”. great language skill to figure these out.

  9. Jill Higgison says:

    Any idea what the following is
    1 LPW to M

  10. Ivor Gloworm says:

    Hi I need help please, just cant get this one. 6 B C

  11. Ian tee says:

    Hi anybody know AJ is 90% W


  12. Tiffany B says:

    Any idea what 13T in a BD stands for?

  13. Fred Bear says:

    Help please
    4 M in 60m is the SL on E n Cs
    Q S 10 in S
    32 P on a C R

  14. Isabel says:

    Any ideas:
    2 A N of H
    T 9 T (DLS)
    6 S on a S C
    8 L in an O S P
    12 C C in a S P
    15 J B B (I F)
    31 C O F
    47 S on a H
    60 M in a D
    101 T on a S S

    • A.J. says:

      2 = Atomic Number of Helium

      The 9 Tailors (Dorothy L Sayers book) (sequence of church bell rings announcing a death)

      6 = Sides on a Solid Cube

      8 = Lanes in an Olympic Swimming Pool

      12 = Court Cards in a Standard Pack (of cards) [Kings, Queens, Jacks]

      47 = Strings on a Harp

      60 = Minutes in a Degree

    • Keith says:

      Did you ever get the answer for
      31 c o f?

      • A.J. says:

        I think 31 = C O F may originally have been 31 = C O F (BR) and the parenthetical got dropped off somewhere along the way. If so, then 31 = Choice of Flavors (Baskin Robbins) is a reasonable solution. Similar to 31 = F of BRIC, which appears on some ditloid web sites.

        If anything else comes to mind, I will post it.

    • Keith says:

      Also 101 t on a so
      Any help you can offer would be appreciated,

      • A.J. says:

        101 = T on a SS

        The pernicious thing about ditloids is their vulnerability to transcription errors. One small change and we are all chasing a mirage (as an example, your question just above changed “SS” to “SO”). The other difficulty is the ditloid whose solution requires very specialized, arcane knowledge to solve – e.g., the number of manhole covers on Drury Lane. I suspect that this ditloid is one of these two kinds – it either began life as something simple, like “100 = Tiles in a Scrabble Set,” or the answer is very obscure.

        Here is an answer that “works,” although it is not very satisfying:

        101 = Thirty-seven on a Senary System (base 6)

    • A.J. says:

      15 James Bond Books (Ian Fleming)

  15. Wendy says:

    Did you ever get the answer for 17=LbTaToaD

  16. Vanda ralph says:

    0 = TM of G

  17. Judith Marshall says:

    I have a very complicated Ditloid puzzle. Stuck on the following :-
    168 T S on a D ;
    14 B in a H H ;
    69 M from C to L
    7 S N of S M
    6 D in a G R
    21 V of P
    41 M J S

  18. Sarah Smith says:

    4 J i A i D – any ideas?

  19. mark.watchorn@btinternet.com says:


  20. james Kerr says:

    Sorry 888= st on t
    N of P in the a
    666 = SS.
    Am stuck with these any help please….

  21. james Kerr says:

    888 = at on t
    666 = SS
    Anybody know these two am baffled.

  22. Patti says:

    25 = C. in T.B.
    16 = F. F.
    1000 = D.A. was Q
    Anyone know the answers

  23. mark.watchorn@btinternet.com says:



  24. KK says:

    Please help!

    10 TB of the DNS

  25. graham long says:

    20v on a d

  26. Michael Bradfield says:

    Anyone know what 12 p on a st

  27. Mama boo says:

    Help please what is 5 IR in a BOG?

    • A.J. says:

      I don’t believe this is the answer the poser of the ditloid intended, but if not, it is a coincidence most strange.
      Call of Duty 4, the video game, contains Mission 5, the Bog. The main achievement to win the mission is to activate an InfraRed (IR) beacon. A twisted interpretation

      [Call of Duty 4, Mission] 5 = [Activate] InfraRed [Beacon] in a Bog If this is the sought-after solution, the ditloid is horrid. Too few alpha characters and BOG should be B.

  28. Isabelmckenna says:

    What is 29028equalsH of W in F

  29. Lynette says:

    9 = O over the E

  30. Harold says:

    1 mp on the cf

  31. Brian says:

    2 = OEPM any idea’s please

  32. Phil says:

    Stuck with following: 16N and 3W for MS at the O//16SWB in a B// 10L and 2C on a L// 6 is the LPN, TN is 28//2H on a BC//12P and 20H on a SSF//The N is 4258ML//16=Thye N of HM to ZZG and ET//19S have a C on the O (5P and 14A)//1952=HH the SOG. Pretty hard going

  33. Julia says:

    50 c in the c
    240 y in a c

  34. Sarah says:

    9 W a S in a TS

    Any help??

  35. Pauline Dale says:

    Wats 3= s to H

  36. Helen says:

    Any help with 2 = P in a PT

  37. Peter says:

    what does H:A 47 mean and also Y S for 10


  38. Angus says:

    @moyra 10994 = Deepest Part oo the Ocean in Metres

    @irene 9 = Ladies Dancing

  39. Irene Duncan says:

    Hi, does anyone know what 9LD stands for or 11

    F O A B thanks

  40. Richard King says:

    Hi, can you give me some ideas for a quiz marathon round. I have used TV, and country capitals, but i need more ideas, especially sport questions as i am doing a sports quiz in November.


  41. Moyra cowie says:

    Any idea what the following could mean
    10994 DPotOiM


    17 LbTaToaD

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