A “ditloid” is a type of word puzzle in which a book or film title, quote or well known saying must be deduced from a set of numbers and letters in a clue. Normally short words such as “in”, “an”, “the” etc. are not abbreviated. An example might be  :

3= C in a F   [Three Coins in a Fountain.]

The name ditloid apparently originates from one of the first known examples of these puzzles namely:


Which, of course, refers to “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisowich” – the 1962 novel by Aleksandr Solzheniskn.

This is the traditional method of presenting the puzzle, e.g. “11=F in a C “[11 Fathoms in a Chain] but nowadays many are presented as a mix of numbers and letter such as “AB a t 40 T” [Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves]. I prefer the first approach but both are acceptable.

Here are a few example sheets, but have fun making your own up.


  1. KK says:

    Please help!

    10 TB of the DNS

  2. graham long says:

    20v on a d

  3. Michael Bradfield says:

    Anyone know what 12 p on a st

  4. Mama boo says:

    Help please what is 5 IR in a BOG?

  5. Isabelmckenna says:

    What is 29028equalsH of W in F

  6. Lynette says:

    9 = O over the E

  7. Harold says:

    1 mp on the cf

  8. Brian says:

    2 = OEPM any idea’s please

  9. Phil says:

    Stuck with following: 16N and 3W for MS at the O//16SWB in a B// 10L and 2C on a L// 6 is the LPN, TN is 28//2H on a BC//12P and 20H on a SSF//The N is 4258ML//16=Thye N of HM to ZZG and ET//19S have a C on the O (5P and 14A)//1952=HH the SOG. Pretty hard going

  10. Julia says:

    50 c in the c
    240 y in a c

  11. Sarah says:

    9 W a S in a TS

    Any help??

  12. Pauline Dale says:

    Wats 3= s to H

  13. Helen says:

    Any help with 2 = P in a PT

  14. Peter says:

    what does H:A 47 mean and also Y S for 10


  15. Angus says:

    @moyra 10994 = Deepest Part oo the Ocean in Metres

    @irene 9 = Ladies Dancing

  16. Irene Duncan says:

    Hi, does anyone know what 9LD stands for or 11

    F O A B thanks

  17. Richard King says:

    Hi, can you give me some ideas for a quiz marathon round. I have used TV, and country capitals, but i need more ideas, especially sport questions as i am doing a sports quiz in November.


  18. Moyra cowie says:

    Any idea what the following could mean
    10994 DPotOiM


    17 LbTaToaD

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