Christmas Around the World 1 - Answers

Published: Thursday 25th December 2014
  1. In which country are gifts bought to children on Epiphany Eve by a female Santa Claus named BEFANA ? Italy.
  2. In which language is Christmas referred to as NADOLIG ? Welsh.
  3. In which German cathedral is there a shrine to the Three Wise Men ? Cologne.
  4. What is GLOGG, traditionally served at Christmas in Sweden ? A Mulled Wine.
  5. Which country in 1937 became the first to issue special Christmas greeting stamps ? Austria.
  6. BOAS FESTAS is the Christmas greeting in which language ? Portuguese.
  7. In which country is COUGNOU a sweet bread served for Christmas breakfast ? Belgium.
  8. Where would you celebrate Las Posadas, a nine day Christmas celebration ? Latin America [principally Mexico & Guatemala].
  9. Eaten prior to the Christmas Eve meal in Poland, what is OPLATKI ? Christmas Wafer [made from wheat flour and water, shaped into a thin biscuit such as that used in communion].
  10. The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square in London is an annual gift from the people of Oslo in Norway, when did this custom originate ? 1947 [as a token of gratitude of British support during WW2].
  11. Good King Wenceslas was not actually a king but a duke, over which country was he duke ? Bohemia [now part of the Czech Republic].
  12. According to Swedish folklore, which animals pull Santa's sleigh ? Mountain Goats.
  13. Which country is the largest exporter of Christmas trees ? Canada.
  14. In which modern country did Saint Nicholas spend most of his life ? Turkey.
  15. Which North American city started the tradition of a Christmas parade ? Toronto in 1905.
  16. In which country is JOULUPUKKI the equivalent of Father Christmas ? Finland.
  17. Where is the first decorated Christmas tree thought to have originated ? Riga in Latvia in 1510.
  18. In which country are the Christmas presents delivered by the JOLASVEINAR [or Christmas Goblins] ? Iceland.
  19. In which region of the World do JONKONNU parades take place on December 26th ? The Caribbean.
  20. From what do Christian children in Syria receive their Christmas presents ? A Camel [believed to have been blessed by the Baby Jesus].

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