Art and Artists 1

Published: Saturday 24th April 2010
  1. Which watery city was the artist Canaletto famous for painting?
  2. Who painted the famous picture "The Bathers", housed in the National Gallery in London?
  3. "The Blue Boy" is a work by which famous artist?
  4. Which gallery would you visit to view "The Mona Lisa"?
  5. Who painted "The Birth of Venus"?
  6. Which English county is known as "Constable Country"?
  7. Of which art movement was Picasso a founder?
  8. Where in London could you see Franz Hals "The Laughing Cavalier"?
  9. By what name is the artist Domenikos Theotokopoulus better known?
  10. In which Russian city would you find "The Hermitage" art gallery and museum?
  11. Which sculptor produced the famous work, "The Thinker"?
  12. What nationality was the artist Salvador Dali?
  13. What were the first names of the artist Lowry, famous for his "matchstick men" pictures?
  14. Which famous British artist tied himself to the mast of a ship in order to paint a storm at sea?
  15. Who is Britain's most famous painter of horses?
  16. Which artist painted the work entitled "The Potato Eaters"?
  17. Which modern British artist often used a swimming pool as a theme to his paintings?
  18. Who painted a series of paintings of Rouen cathedral capturing the facade at different times of the year and day?
  19. In which city could you find the "Uffizi gallery"?
  20. What nationality was the impressionist Edouard Manet?
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