Art and Artists 2

Published: Thursday 20th January 2022A free quiz about art and the artists that created them.
  1. Used in many famous paintings, the medium "Tempera" is made using which foodstuff?
  2. In the Magritte painting "The Son of Man", what obscures the man's face?
  3. Which artist is credited with the founding of the Impressionism movement after his 1872 work "Impression-Sunrise"?
  4. Which French artist is famous for his painting of the Moulin Rouge?
  5. Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" can be found in which Italian art gallery?
  6. By what name is the painting "La Giaconda" better known?
  7. What objects appear to be melting in the Salvador Dali work "The Persistence of Memory"?
  8. How many different Tate galleries are there in the UK?
  9. Depicting the destruction of a Basque town during the Spanish Civil War, what is the title of this 1937 painting by Picasso?
  10. What the favourite theme of the late 19th century artist Edgar Degas?
  11. Which sculptor is famous for such works as "The Thinker" and "The Kiss"?
  12. What nationality was the artist Edvard Munch?
  13. In which city was the first Guggenheim museum opened?
  14. Which artist famously painted the ceiling of the Vatican's Sistine Chapel?
  15. Which London art gallery is located in Trafalgar Square?
  16. In which US industrial city was Andy Warhol born?
  17. Which animal is artist George Stubbs most famous for painting?
  18. What nationality was the artist Frida Kahlo?
  19. Which TWO artists are credited with founding the Cubist movement?
  20. In the David Hockney work "Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy", who or what is Percy?
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