Greek Mythology 1

Published: Friday 10th April 2020A free quiz about the Gods and myths of Ancient Greece.
  1. What did Prometheus steal from Mount Olympus and give to mankind?
  2. Which mythical creature was kept in a labyrinth in Crete?
  3. Who was the Greek messenger of the Gods?
  4. Which dog guarded the entrance to the Underworld?
  5. What did Narcissus fall in love with?
  6. Who was the Queen of the Amazons?
  7. Which creature had the head of a lion, body of a goat and a serpent's tail?
  8. Of what was Aeolus the Greek God ?
  9. What did Zeus make from the horn of he she-goat Amaltea?
  10. Who was the first human created by the Greek Gods?
  11. Which Greek Goddess was the twin sister of Apollo?
  12. How many heads did the Lernaean Hydra have?
  13. Arachne was changed into which creature by Athena?
  14. Which flower shares its name with the Greek Goddess of the rainbow?
  15. What was Jason searching for in his quest with the Argonauts?
  16. What was Medusa's hair made from?
  17. What was the name of the Cyclops blinded by Odysseus?
  18. Which Greek hero was known as the "Tamer of Horses"?
  19. How many oars did Jason's ship The Argo have?
  20. Born of Chaos, who was the primordial Goddess that represented Earth?
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