The Brontes - 1

Published: Sunday 20th September 2020A free quiz about the life and works of the Bronte family.
  1. What was the only novel written by Emily Bronte?
  2. Which 1966 novel by Jean Rhys is often referred to as a prequel to Jane Eyre?
  3. In which country was Charlotte Bronte's novel "The Professor" set?
  4. Who was the author of the novel "Agnes Grey"?
  5. Although spending much of their lives at Haworth, in which Yorkshire village were the three literary Bronte sisters born?
  6. In the Charlotte Bronte novel "Shirley", what is the name of the family house?
  7. Who was the youngest of the Bronte sisters?
  8. Who conceived and starred in the 1996 musical "Heathcliff"?
  9. Under what pen-name did Emily Bronte write?
  10. In "Jane Eyre" who runs the Lowood boarding school?
  11. Where is Anne Bronte buried?
  12. Who did Charlotte marry in 1854?
  13. What was the name of Patrick and Maria Bronte's only son?
  14. In the Charlotte Bronte "Villette", who or what is Villette?
  15. In which Yorkshire village would you find the Bronte Parsonage Museum?
  16. William Crimsworth was the lead character in which Bronte novel?
  17. Who was the tenant of Wildfell Hall in the title of the Anne Bronte novel?
  18. Which book by Jane Austen shares its title with an unfinished novel by Charlotte Bronte?
  19. Who is the main narrator in the novel "Wuthering Heights"?
  20. Lucy Snowe is the main character in which of the Brontes novels?
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