US History 1

Published: Sunday 29th January 2012
  1. Who was the first US President to be assassinated?
  2. Which US General famously said "I shall return"?
  3. Who landed at Plymouth Rock in December 1620?
  4. Which religion was founded in New York by Joseph Smith in 1681?
  5. Which event of 1773 was a precursor of the War of Independence?
  6. What did the US purchase from Russia in 1867?
  7. Which territory broke away from Mexico in 1850 to join the United States?
  8. Who was the last British King to rule over the US colonies?
  9. Between which years was the American Civil War fought?
  10. Which TWO democrats lost Presidential elections to George W Bush?
  11. Who was the SECOND US President?
  12. Which General commanded the Union forces for most of the American Civil War?
  13. When did the US declare war on Germany in WW1?
  14. What did the EIGHTEENTH Amendment to the constitution establish within the US?
  15. Where did the Bay of Pigs invasion take place?
  16. Who resigned as President as a result of the "Watergate" scandal?
  17. Which SEVEN states broke away to form the Confederate Congress prior to the American Civil War?
  18. Which play was Lincoln watching when he was killed?
  19. Where did Davy Crockett meet his death in 1836?
  20. In which battle did General Custer have his "Last Stand"?
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