60 years of the Queen's Reign 2 - Answers

Published: Thursday 31st May 2012
  1. What was the name given to the fossil find in 1953, later found out to be an elaborate hoax? Piltdown Man.
  2. Opened in 1972 what is the official name for Spaghetti Junction? The Gravelly Hill Interchange.
  3. The SDP was formed in January 1981 by the so-called "Gang of Four", what were their names? David Owen, Roy Jenkins, Shirley Williams and Bill Rodgers.
  4. The first commercial jet service commenced in 1952 from London, what was the destination of this first flight? Johannesburg, South Africa.
  5. What was the name of the Edinburgh Festival revue show that launched the careers of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore? "Beyond the Fringe".
  6. What was the name of the TV presenter shot on her doorstep in April 1999? Jill Dando.
  7. Who in 1978 became the first black footballer to play for England? Viv Anderson.
  8. What was the name of the oil tanker that was wrecked off Cornwall causing unprecedented environmental damage in 1967? Torrey Canyon.
  9. What did Margaret Thatcher famously axe in 1971 when Education Secretary? Free School Milk.
  10. Where did thousands of protesters march to from London at Easter 1958? Aldermaston (Atomic Weapons Research Establishment).
  11. In which county did the Great Train Robbery take place in 1963? Buckinghamshire.
  12. What was the name of the first cloned animal announced in 1997? Dolly the Sheep.
  13. Doctor Who appeared for the first time in 1963, who played the first Doctor? William Hartnell.
  14. Doctor Who was revived in 2005 after an absence of nearly 16 years, who played the Doctor on its return? Christopher Eccleston.
  15. Who disappeared on November 7th 1974 after the discovery of the dead body of the family's nanny? Lord Lucan.
  16. What was the name of the BBC programme introduced in 1958 that became the main stay of Saturday afternoon viewing? Grandstand.
  17. Which Prime Minister declared UDI in November 1965? Ian Smith (Rhodesia).
  18. Which former leader of the Liberal party stood trial for attempted murder in 1979? Jeremy Thorpe.
  19. Which tax free savings scheme was introduced by the UK government in 1956? Premium Bonds.
  20. Who in March 1963 published the report that resulted in the closure of a third of Britain's railways? Dr Richard Beeching.

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