The 1980s - 6

Published: Thursday 10th August 2023A free quiz about the events and people of the 1980s in history.
  1. Eventually to be replaced by the TV soap "Eldorado" which radio personality's chat show ran from 1982 to 1992 on BBC1 television?
  2. Which annual charity event was first launched in November 1980?
  3. What was the name of the vehicle that Richard Noble drove in beating the World land speed record in 1983?
  4. Who in 1985 outbid Paul McCartney for the publishing rights of most of The Beatles' music?
  5. Who left "Coronation Street" on Christmas Day 1987, giving ITV record viewing figures?
  6. Who became Queen of the Netherlands when he mother Queen Juliana abdicated in 1980?
  7. Released in 1981, what was the title of Phil Collins' first solo album?
  8. Which Spanish player won the US Golf Masters for the second time in 1983?
  9. Which Australian soap debuted on BBC1 in 1986?
  10. What was the first programme to be broadcast on Channel 4's opening in 1982?
  11. Who became the first leader of the Liberal Democrats when they formed in 1988?
  12. What was withdrawn in England in November 1984 after 150 years in circulation?
  13. Who covered Elvis Presley's "Alway on My Mind" taking it to the UK Christmas Number one in 1987?
  14. In which prison did Rudolf Hess commit suicide in August 1987?
  15. What was the title of he first episode of "Only Fools and Horses" first broadcast in September 1981?
  16. How old was Ruth Lawrence when in 1985 she became the youngest known graduate of Oxford University?
  17. Who in 1980 became the 40th President of the USA?
  18. Which athlete did Zola Budd collide with in the Olympic 3000 metres final in 1984?
  19. In which city were 96 football supporters crushed to death in April 1989?
  20. Where originally was the 1986 FIFA World Cup due to be held?
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