The Tudors 2

Published: Thursday 12th May 2016
  1. Which Scottish King was defeated and killed at the Battle of Flodden Field?
  2. How long did Henry VIII's marriage to Anne of Cleeves last?
  3. What was the relationship between Edward VI and Lady Jane Grey?
  4. Who was the chief mourner at Mary I's funeral?
  5. How old was Elizabeth I when she became Queen?
  6. For how many years did Elizabeth I reign?
  7. Who ruled as Protector of the Realm during Edward VI's reign?
  8. For how many years did the Tudor dynasty rule England?
  9. How old was Henry VIII when he died in 1547?
  10. In which Welsh Castle was the future Henry VII born?
  11. How many children did Henry VII have?
  12. How did Henry VIII's marriage to Anne Boleyn end?
  13. Which monarch became King of England on the death of Henry VIII?
  14. What was the nationality of Mary I's husband Phillip?
  15. Who succeeded Mary I as monarch of England?
  16. In which Spanish port was Drake said to have "Singed the King of Spain's beard"?
  17. Who is credited with bringing tobacco to England?
  18. In whose reign was Wales first represented in Parliament?
  19. In which London theatre were many of Shakespeare's plays first performed?
  20. In which present-day County was the Battle of Bosworth Field fought?
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