The Beatles 1 - Answers

Published: Wednesday 3rd February 2010
  1. What was the first Beatles single to be released in the UK in October 1962 LOVE ME DO.
  2. Who did Ringo Starr replace as drummer during these recording sessions? He replaced PETE BEST although neither drummed on the single, session drummer Andy White having that honour.
  3. In which German town did The Beatles build their reputation and their ability to play live? HAMBURG
  4. In which Liverpool club did producer George Martin want to record The Beatles first album, before discovering "it had the acoustic ambience of an oil tank"? It was THE CAVERN CLUB.
  5. Which was the first Beatles single to top the UK charts in April 1963? The single was FROM ME TO YOU.
  6. The Beatles first album, Please,Please Me, topped the UK charts for thirty weeks in 1963, what finally replaced it at number 1? It was replaced by the group's second album entitled "WITH THE BEATLES".
  7. The US record company, Capitol, were reluctant to release the early Beatles singles, what record finally gave the group its first US number one? The double-A sided "I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND/I SAW HER STANDING THERE".
  8. Between 1963 and 1966 The Beatles had 11 consecutive UK number ones. What in February 1967 became the first single not to reach the coveted top spot since Please,Please Me? The single was "PENNY LANE/STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER".
  9. What was the record that kept The Beatles single "Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields" off the UK number one spot? The single that prevented the number one was "RELEASE ME" by ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINCK.
  10. Which was the only Beatles album to consist solely of Lennon/McCartney compositions? It is "HARD DAY'S NIGHT".
  11. What is Ringo Starr's real name? RICHARD STARKEY.
  12. What is John Lennon's middle name? It's WINSTON.
  13. What is Paul McCartney's middle name? It's PAUL, his full name being James Paul McCartney.
  14. Which song did The Beatles give to The Rolling Stones, giving them a major hit in 1963? It was "I WANNA BE YOUR MAN" giving the Stones a number 12 in November of that year.
  15. Published in April 1964, what was the name of John Lennon's first book, that comprised of surreal and non-nonsensical short stories and drawings? It was called "IN HIS OWN WRITE".
  16. What was the title of The Beatles second feature film? Released in 1965 and directed by Richard Lester, it was called "HELP!".
  17. Which song written by Lennon/McCartney holds the record for being recorded more than any other? With more than 3000 cover versions the song is "YESTERDAY".
  18. What was the title of manager Brian Epstein's autobiography? "A CELLARFUL OF NOISE" first published in 1964.
  19. Which was the last album to be recorded by The Beatles? The last album to be recorded was "ABBEY ROAD" (although it was released before "Let It Be" it was recorded after.
  20. The Beatles last commercial concert took place in Candlestick Park in San Francisco, in what year? The concert took place on August 29th 1966.

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