One Hit Wonders 1

Published: Saturday 27th February 2010
  1. Two One Hit Wonders have sold over a million copies both connected with TV programmes. Can you name them?
  2. Which One Hit Wonder famously kept "Vienna" by Ultravox from the number one spot?
  3. Which One Hit Wonder for Norman Greenbaum was later a One Hit Wonder for Dr. and the Medics?
  4. In 1966 The Overlanders had a number 1 with which Beatles song?
  5. Who had One Hit Wonders with the following songs (i)If, (ii) When, (iii) Fire, (iv) Doop and (v)Float On
  6. What nationality was the boy that Aneka sang about in 1981?
  7. Which airline featured on Typically Tropical's One Hit Wonder in 1975?
  8. Which famous film director had a One Hit Wonder in 1999 with "Everyone's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)"?
  9. Who pumped up the volume in 1987?
  10. What nationality were the acts responsible for the following One Hit Wonders (i)"The Witch"(1970), (ii) "Only Love"(1986), (iii) "Touch Me" (2001), (iv) "Flat Beat" (1999) and (v) "99 Red Balloons" (1984)
  11. The title track from which film provided Abigail Mead and Nigel Goulding their One Hit Wonder in 1987?
  12. The Israeli winners of the Eurovision song contest in 1979 had a number 5 hit with "Hallelujah". What were they called?
  13. What duo wrongly stated "Ain't no stopping us now" in 1979?
  14. How many reasons did Connie Stevens have in her One Hit Wonder in 1960?
  15. What was the only UK hit for (i)Marie Osmond, (ii) John Denver, (iii) Johnny Mann Singers, (iv) The Pipkins and (v) Ricky Valence
  16. Where had Charlene "never been to" in 1982?
  17. Which was the only group starting with the letter "Z" to have a number 1 hit in the 1960s?
  18. Which school had a number one with "There's no one quite like Grandma"?
  19. Where was Canadian Patsy Gallant travelling in her 1977 number 6 hit?
  20. What Stevie Wonder cover did David Parton take to number four in 1977?
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