Chart Hits of 1971

Published: Thursday 23rd January 2014
  1. Which relative did Clive Dunn take to the UK top spot in 1971?
  2. What form of transport did The Mixtures sing about in the UK top ten of 1971?
  3. Which song provided Elton John with his first UK hit in 1971?
  4. Who sang about "Tomorrow Night" in the UK top twenty of 1971?
  5. What type of horse did The Byrds take into the UK top twenty of 1971?
  6. What did Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon suggest you "Blame It On"?
  7. Which record of 1971 gave T Rex their first UK number one single?
  8. What was the title of The Sweet's first UK top twenty single in 1971?
  9. Which day of the week featured in the title of The Chairman of the Board's 1971 hit?
  10. According to the title of Dawn's 1971 UK number one, how many times should you knock?
  11. What was the title of Ringo Starr's first UK solo hit?
  12. Who had a UK top ten hit in 1971 with "Jig-a-Jig"?
  13. Which TWO colours feature on Greyhound's 1971 UK top ten hit?
  14. Which group's first UK hit in 1971 was "Get Down and Get With It"?
  15. Who did New World suggest "Turn Around" in 1971?
  16. Who took the theme to the movie "Soldier Blue" into the UK charts in 1971?
  17. What type of "Luv" did Curved Air take into the UK charts of 1971?
  18. Which single in 1971 gave The Bay City Rollers their first UK hit?
  19. Who sang about "The Witch Queen of New Orleans" in 1971?
  20. Who took "Johnny Reggae" into the UK top ten in 1971?
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