Hits of the Seventies 1

Published: Sunday 9th August 2015
  1. Which girl gave 10CC its first UK top ten hit in 1972?
  2. What was The Arrows only UK top ten hit?
  3. Who was "Dancing with the Captain" in the 1976 charts?
  4. Which Emily Bronte novel featured in the title of a 1978 UK number one?
  5. Who took "Me and Bobby McGee" to the US top spot in 1971?
  6. Which "Brother" did Hot Chocolate take into the UK charts in 1973?
  7. Who took "The Hustle" into the UK top five in 1975?
  8. Which US city provided The Village People with their first UK chart success?
  9. Which girl's name was the title of a 1970 hit for The Kinks?
  10. What type of pants gave First Choice their only UK top ten single?
  11. Who took "Ride a Wild Horse" into the UK top twenty in 1975?
  12. What type of shack did The Temptations sing about in their 1970s hit single?
  13. Which David Bowie song did Lulu have a UK top ten hit with in 1974?
  14. Who took "Convoy" into the UK top five in 1976?
  15. Who took "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head" to the US top spot in 1970?
  16. What was Cockney Rebel's first UK top ten hit in 1974?
  17. Who sang "Young Hearts Run Free" in the 1976 charts?
  18. According to the title of their 1972 hit, from which US State did The Move's man come from?
  19. What sort of shopping was R Dean Taylor doing in 1974?
  20. Who took "Disco Inferno" into the UK charts in 1977?
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