Hits of the Sixties - 5

Published: Saturday 24th June 2017
  1. What type of waltz did Anita Harris sing about in 1968?
  2. Which band scored a UK top forty hit in 1963 with "Let's Go"?
  3. Which 1960 hit for Paul Anka became a number one for Donny Osmond twelve years later?
  4. How many hours away from Tulsa was Gene Pitney in 1964?
  5. What birds were "Over the Mountain" in the title of The Beach Boys UK top ten hit of 1969?
  6. Who was "King of the Road" in the 60's charts?
  7. Who topped the US charts in 1961 with "Blue Moon"?
  8. Which single in 1962 provided The G-Clefs with their only UK top twenty hit?
  9. Which 1967 single gave The Monkees their first UK number 1?
  10. What colour tambourine did The Lemon Pipers take to the UK charts in 1968?
  11. Which single gave The Spencer Davis Group their second UK number one in 1966?
  12. What was Clarence "Frogman" Henry's biggest hit in 1961?
  13. Which mathematical function featured on Bobby Darin's 1962 hit?
  14. Who did Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels suggest "Take a Ride" in 1966?
  15. Who asked "Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)" in the 1969 charts?
  16. Which group sang "It's an Open Secret" in 1964?
  17. Which song gave Cliff Richard his first UK number one of the 1960s?
  18. Who were Mike Berry's backing group on his 1963 hit "Don't You Think It's Time"?
  19. What sort of tiger did Sue Thompson sing about in 1965?
  20. Who took "98.6" into the UK top thirty in 1967?
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