Musical Instruments

Published: Saturday 10th November 2018A free quiz about musical instruments and famous musicians.
  1. Which heroine of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" shares her name with a musical instrument?
  2. The Cor Anglais can be found in which section of an orchestra?
  3. Which instrument was played by jazzman Buddy Rich?
  4. How many strings does a Spanish guitar have?
  5. Which stringed instrument shares its name with a kitchen implement?
  6. With which instrument would you associate Ravi Shankar?
  7. In Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf", which instruments represent the wolf?
  8. Which instrument sounds like a dishonest person?
  9. What instruments are the Gibson company famous for making?
  10. The xylophone would be found in which section of an orchestra?
  11. Which is the highest pitched instrument in a standard orchestra?
  12. Irish musician James Galway is mostly associated with which instrument?
  13. What is the largest brass instrument to be found in an orchestra?
  14. A stringed instrument with a triangular body, the balalaika comes from which country?
  15. Which instrument is commonly associated with Hawaii?
  16. Which brass instrument uses a slide to create the notes?
  17. What type of instrument could you play Pizzicato?
  18. What nationality was Adolphe Sax, who invented the saxophone in 1840?
  19. Which fictional detective was a "remarkable violin player" according to his doctor friend?
  20. American musician Larry Adler is famous for playing which instrument?
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