Sixties Groups - 4

Published: Sunday 11th August 2019A free quiz about the music and the musicians of the 1960s.
  1. Which group had amongst its members the Wilson brothers, Brian, Carl and Dennis?
  2. Which chart band of the 1960s featured Jeff Beck on guitar?
  3. Which band comprised of the Gibb brothers, Maurice Barry and Robin?
  4. What was the name of Cliff Bennett's backing group?
  5. Who was the vocalist for US band Big Brother & the Holding Company?
  6. Which band was formed by ex-Jethro Tull guitarist Mick Abrahams?
  7. Which 60s band featured Viv Stanshall and Roger Ruskin-Spear?
  8. Of which band were Neil Young and Stephen Stills members before CSN&Y?
  9. Which US band of the 1960s featured members nicknamed "The Bear" and "Blind Owl"?
  10. Which British blues band was formed by Stan Webb in the 1960s?
  11. Which sixties guitarist was nicknamed "Slowhand"?
  12. Which British band did Syd Barrett leave in 1968?
  13. Who was the lead singer with The Doors?
  14. Who was the lead singer of The Animals?
  15. What was the name of the female drummer in the 60's band The Honeycombs?
  16. Who played lead guitar in the sixties' band Ten Years After?
  17. What instrument was played by Jack Bruce in Cream?
  18. Which group did Steve Winwood join when he left the Spencer Davis Group?
  19. Who was the other Papa in The Mamas and The Papas alongside John Phillips?
  20. Who was the original drummer with The Shadows?
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