Around London 1

Published: Monday 15th February 2010
  1. Who said "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life"?
  2. The Old Bailey stands on the site of which former prison?
  3. Which London museum was originally called "The Museum of Ornamental Art"?
  4. Which annual garden show is held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, London?
  5. On a London underground map what lines are represented by the following colours, (i)Red, (ii) Yellow, (iii) Green, (iv) Black and (v) Brown
  6. The Fairfield Halls are in which London borough?
  7. What event does "The Monument" in London commemorate?
  8. Near which London Station is the British Library?
  9. Which London underground station was known as Westminster Bridge Road until 1917?
  10. What was Marble Arch in London originally designed to be?
  11. From which London main-line station would you catch a train to the following destinations (i)Cardiff, (ii) Newcastle (iii) Norwich (iv) Southampton and (v) Paris
  12. Which seaside town also has a Nelson's Column?
  13. How many parishes are there in Greater London?
  14. In which London square would you find a statue of Mahatma Gandhi?
  15. Which World War 2 cruiser is moored on the Thames?
  16. The composer Haydn wrote "The London Symphonies" but who composed "The London Symphony"?
  17. Which London entertainment centre's motto of "We Never Closed" was often changed to "We Never Clothed"?
  18. In Dickens's "A Tale of Two Cities", London was one what was the other?
  19. Who famously lives or lived at the following London addresses (i)Buckingham Palace, (ii) Lambeth Palace, (iii) 11, Downing Street, (iv) 221B Baker Street and (v) 10 Rillington Place
  20. Which London bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge?
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