Canada 3

Published: Wednesday 11th January 2017
  1. Which Canadian city hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics?
  2. Which street in Canada claims to be the longest in the World?
  3. On which island is the capital of British Columbia, Victoria?
  4. Which Canadian building was the World's tallest until 2007?
  5. In which Canadian territory did the Klondike Gold Rush take place in the 1890s?
  6. The people of which province are often referred to as Blue Noses?
  7. In which Canadian province would you find Niagara Falls?
  8. After Paris, which city has the largest number of French speakers?
  9. Which is Canada's largest city?
  10. Which two stars of TV's "Star Trek" were born in Canada?
  11. What nickname do Canadians give to their One Dollar coin?
  12. How many territories are there in Canada?
  13. In which year did Canada adopt the metric system?
  14. Which was the first North American city to be placed on UNESCO's World Heritage sites list?
  15. Which is the largest city in the Province of Quebec?
  16. Which Canadian province has the longest coastline?
  17. After whom was the province of Alberta named after?
  18. What is the capital of the Canadian Yukon territory?
  19. How many countries share a land border with Canada?
  20. Who was the first person to navigate the North West Passage?
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