New Zealand - 3

Published: Monday 30th September 2019A free quiz about the people and places of New Zealand
  1. Which is the largest city on New Zealand's South Island?
  2. What stretch of water separates the North and South Islands of New Zealand?
  3. After whom was the New Zealand city of Auckland named?
  4. What emblem is feature on the shirts of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby union team?
  5. Which New Zealand cricket all-rounder was knighted in 1990?
  6. Located at the north of the South island, which is the smallest of New Zealand's national parks?
  7. What is the top level internet domain code for New Zealand?
  8. In which year did New Zealand first give women the vote?
  9. On which island is New Zealand's oldest wine region ,Hawkes Bay located?
  10. Which 1993 movie starring Holly Hunter was set in New Zealand?
  11. Making his debut at 19 years and 45 days, who in 1994 became New Zealand's youngest Rugby Union International?
  12. Which was New Zealand's capital from 1840-41?
  13. Which New Zealand commercial crop is also known as a Chinese Gooseberry?
  14. Which New Zealand born psychologist is married to Scottish comedian Billy Connolly?
  15. Which New Zealand city was hit by severe earthquakes in 2010 and 2011?
  16. What name was given to New Zealand by Tasman in 1642?
  17. From what was the New Zealand dish of Colonial Goose made?
  18. Which is the longest railway tunnel in New Zealand still in daily use?
  19. Which New Zealand actress played the role of Xena Warrior Princess in the TV series?
  20. Which New Zealander managed both the Welsh and 2017 British Lions Rugby Union teams?
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