Quiz Number 11

Published: Saturday 24th April 2010
  1. St. Mary's, St. Martins and Tresco are all islands in which group?
  2. What does the 'V' stand for in DVD?
  3. What is a "muggle" according to the Harry Potter books?
  4. The comic strip "Batman" is set in which fictional city?
  5. Name the top 10 hit singles with "Green" in their title from the following artists: (i) Tom Jones (1966), (ii) Booker T and the MGs (1979), (iii) Shakin' Stevens (1981), (iv) Will Young (2002) and (v) Ultrabeat (2003)
  6. What are a male and female badger called?
  7. In which year did National Service in the UK end?
  8. Name the five brothers that made up The Jackson Five.
  9. What is produced in a "ginnery"?
  10. Which US state has the lowest population?
  11. Which wedding anniversary is associated with the following gifts, (i)China, (ii) Crystal, (iii) Leather, (iv) Pearl and (v) Coral
  12. Which two Scottish football league teams names when combined form the name of an English football league side?
  13. On which island would you find the Statue of Liberty?
  14. Name the 10 UK Prime Ministers that served Queen Elizabeth II in the first 50 years of her reign.
  15. What does the 'U' stand for in IOU?
  16. What is the second sign of the zodiac alphabetically?
  17. The "Footsie" (or FTSE 100) is the index of stock market prices in the UK, in which countries are the following indices based, (i)Dow Jones, (ii) DAX, (iii) Nikkei, (iv) Hang Seng and (v) CAC
  18. Which fictional detective had an elder brother named Mycroft?
  19. The "Claret Jug" is the trophy awarded in which sporting competition?
  20. How many of the TWELVE astronauts who have walked on the moon were Boy Scouts?
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