Quiz Number 21

Published: Wednesday 1st December 2010
  1. What are the names of the TWO mascots for the London 2012 Olympics?
  2. Which English cathedral was turned into the corridors of Hogwart's School in the first two Harry Potter films?
  3. For what style of painting is artist Roy Lichtenstein best known?
  4. What songs with "December" in the title were UK top 40 hits for the following artists, [a] Four Seasons (1976), [b] Kate Bush (1980), [c] All About Eve (1989), [d] Mazzy Star (1996) and [e] George Michael (2009)
  5. Which of the Great Lakes are entirely located within the USA?
  6. What has American Eddie Eagen achieved that no other Olympic athlete has?
  7. In which year was the Berlin wall erected and in which year did it fall?
  8. In which county would you find the following theme parks, [a] Oakwood, [b] Drayton Manor, [c] Thorpe Park, [d] Alton Towers and [e] Camelot
  9. What was the name of the main character in Orwell's "1984"?
  10. Dicky Mint, "Mick the Marmaliser" and "Nigel Ponsonby-Smallpiece" were members of which group?
  11. In which country is FARSI the official language?
  12. In which of Shakespeare's plays were the following the leading female character, [a] Katherina, [b] Hippolyta, [c] Portia, [d] Rosalind and [e] Miranda
  13. What is secreted by the LACRIMAL glands?
  14. What is the last book of the Bible?
  15. Which British actor had a successful wrestling career under the name of "Leon Arras,The Man From Paris"?
  16. In which US city were the following TV series set, [a] Cheers, [b] Happy Days, [c] Bay-watch, [d] Taxi and [e] Frasier
  17. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?
  18. What type of animal is a DRONGO?
  19. Name the FIVE counties that border Hampshire?
  20. Which organisation looks after the lighthouses around the British coast?
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