Quiz Number 24

Published: Monday 7th February 2011
  1. What do the initials P G stand for in the authors name, P G Wodehouse?
  2. Who invented the cat flap?
  3. What is a female ferret called?
  4. What songs containing the word Brown in the title were top 20 hits for the following acts [a] The Coasters 1959, [b] Boney M 1978, [c] Roni Size & Reprazent 1997, [d]The Rolling Stones 1971 and [e] The Stranglers 1982
  5. Which Victorian architect designed The Houses of Parliament?
  6. Up to and including George W Bush, how many Presidents of the USA have been republicans?
  7. Who became the first British footballer to be paid £100 per week?
  8. In which English county would you find the following racecourses, [a] Sandown Park, [b] Fakenham, [c] Market Rasen, [d] Southwell and [e] Aintree
  9. Which film was the first sequel to win an Oscar for Best Film?
  10. What were the first names of the THREE Bronte sisters?
  11. What was the name of Dick Turpin's horse?
  12. Which religions were founded by the following, [a] John Wesley, [b] L. Ron Hubbard, [c] Nanak Dev Ji, [d] Joseph Smith Jnr. and [e] Joseph Franklin Rutherford
  13. In which Scottish town do "Queen of the South" play their football?
  14. Which TWO South American countries are land locked?
  15. Whose ear did boxer Mike Tyson bite in a fight in Las Vegas in 1997?
  16. Which TWO animals feature on the Australian Coat of Arms?
  17. What was the name of the character in "Neighbours" played by Kylie Minogue?
  18. What is the only city in the county of Cornwall?
  19. What are the titles of the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas that have the following alternative titles, [a] The Lass that loved a Sailor, [b] The Slave of Duty, [c] The Town of Titipu, [d] The King of Barataria and [e] The Witch's Curse
  20. Which London college was attended by both Mick Jagger and John F Kennedy?
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