Quiz Number 35 - Answers

Published: Sunday 16th October 2011
  1. In which year was the wearing of front seat belts in cars made compulsory in the UK? [31st January] 1983.
  2. Which THREE countries joined the EC in 1995? Austria, Finland and Sweden.
  3. What does the acronym NIMBY stand for? Not In My Back Yard.
  4. What songs containing the word "CRAZY" were UK top 5 hits for the following artists, [a] The Temperance Seven (1961), [b] Madonna (1985), [c] Charlotte Church (2005), [d] Let Loose (1994) and [e] Natalie Cole (1989) [a] "You're Driving me Crazy" (reached No. 1), [b] "Crazy for You" (No. 2), [c] "Crazy Chick" (No. 2), [d] "Crazy for You" (No. 2) and [e] "Miss You Like Crazy" (No. 2).
  5. According to the Bible, at what age did Noah die? 950 years old.
  6. What is the World's highest volcano? Ojos Del Salado [Chile / Argentina].
  7. What was the first names of the following classical composers, [a] Purcell, [b] Beethoven, [c] Vivaldi, [d] Mozart and [e] Haydn [a] Henry, [b] Ludwig, [c] Antonio, [d] Wolfgang and [e] Joseph.
  8. Who served as Vice-President to President John F Kennedy? Lyndon B Johnson.
  9. What is a DRUMLIN? A long HILL formed by glacial action.
  10. Which mythological hero killed the Nemean Lion? Hercules [It was his First Labour].
  11. Who was the last Emperor of India? King George VI.
  12. Which FIVE countries share a land border with Bolivia? Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Peru.
  13. What is the nationality of tennis player Roger Federer? Swiss.
  14. In which year did the first official UK census take place? 1801
  15. In Swahili what is the meaning of the word SAFARI? Journey.
  16. By what name did these pop groups eventually find fame, [a] The Quarrymen, [b] Seymour, [c] Smile, [d] The Rain and [e] The Detours [a] The Beatles, [b] Blur, [c] Queen, [d] Oasis and [e] The Who.
  17. On which racecourse is the St. Leger run annually? Doncaster.
  18. In which works of fiction do the following DOGS appear, [a] Bulls-Eye, [b] Montmorency, [c] Nana, [d] Perdita and [e] Snowy [a] Oliver Twist, [b] Three Men in a Boat, [c] Peter Pan, [d] 101 Dalmatians and [e] Tin-Tin.
  19. Which country has qualified for the football World Cup finals every time since the start of the competition in 1930? Brazil.
  20. When Ken Livingstone was elected London Mayor in 2000 who was the official Labour candidate he defeated? Frank Dobson.


  1. john says:

    question 5 is wrong. Noah was 969 when he died

  2. Derrick Oldham says:

    Question 5 is correct. Noah was indeed 950. It was Methuselah that was 969

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