Quiz Number 37

Published: Wednesday 16th November 2011
  1. What was the name of Dick Turpin's horse?
  2. Which is the oldest professional football club in London?
  3. What was Frank Sinatra's middle name?
  4. Which month of the year is named after the Roman God of doorways?
  5. Which songs containing "GOLD" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists,[a] Joan Regan (1955), [b] Sam Sparro (2008), [c] Neil Young (1972), [d] Kanye West (2005) and [e] Shed Seven (1996)
  6. On which of the Hawaiian Islands is Pearl Harbour?
  7. In Rossini's opera what was the occupation of Figaro?
  8. When was the first Royal Variety Performance televised?
  9. Ganymede is the largest moon of which planet?
  10. Of which TV shows were the following "spin-offs", [a] "Joey", [b] "Tucker's Luck", [c] "Mork and Mindy", [d] "Lewis" and [e] "NCIS"
  11. What is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust?
  12. Who was the leader of Cambodia from 1975-1979, overseeing one of the worse genocides of the 20th Century?
  13. Who wrote the Foundation trilogy of books?
  14. Which FIVE counties share a land border with Colombia?
  15. In which city do Scottish football club St. Johnstone play their home matches?
  16. In which US state is the animated TV series "South Park" set?
  17. What is the English meaning of these American words, [a] Jelly, [b] Elevator, [c] Diapers, [d] Wrench and [e] Faucet
  18. Which type of rice is traditionally used to make Paella?
  19. With which sports were the following films concerned, [a] "Heaven Can Wait", [b] "Chariots of Fire", [c] "The Bad News Bears", [d] "Hoosiers" and [e] "Cool Runnings"
  20. Who was the first person to successfully reach the summit of the Matterhorn?
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