Quiz Number 39

Published: Sunday 18th December 2011
  1. Which London underground line serves Heathrow Airport?
  2. Who wrote "It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet"?
  3. Which famous car, designed by Ferdinand Porsche was launched in 1937?
  4. Which Poet Laureate was married to fellow poet Sylvia Plath?
  5. Which songs with "DIAMOND" in the title were top 15 UK hits for the following artists, [a] Lonnie Donegan (1957), [b] Chipmunk (2009), [c] Boomtown Rats (1979), [d] Kanye West (2005) and [e] Glenn & Chris (1987)
  6. Who was the last King of Italy?
  7. Which was the first album to be released on Richard Branson's Virgin label in 1973?
  8. Which Latin expression translated into English as "In blazing defence", means to be caught red-handed?
  9. What is the collective name for a group of budgerigars?
  10. By what names are these famous historical characters better known, [a] Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov, [b] Siddhartha Gautama, [c] T E Lawrence, [d] William Joyce and [e] Saloth Sar
  11. Who was the FIRST Secretary-General of the United Nations?
  12. Where did the first FA cup Final take place in 1872?
  13. Who had a hit with "Son of my Father" in 1972?
  14. Name the FIVE countries that border the Caspian Sea?
  15. What is the British equivalent of the US "Tiffany jewellery setting"?
  16. What is the ELEVENTH letter of the Greek alphabet?
  17. What do the following abbreviations designate on an Ordnance Survey map, [a] FB, [b] CG, [c] PO, [d] TH and [e] NTL
  18. Which is longer the Suez or Panama Canal?
  19. Which sports feature in the following movies, [a] "Space Jam" (1996), [b] "The Hurricane" (1999), [c] "Fever Pitch" (1997), [d] "Sea Biscuit" (2003) and [e] "Nacho Libre" (2006)
  20. Who wrote The Monkees hit "I'm A Believer"?
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