Easier General Knowledge 13

Published: Saturday 7th March 2015
  1. How many sides does a dodecagon have?
  2. What is the chemical symbol for lead?
  3. What type of beans are the main ingredient of baked beans?
  4. By what name are the young of hares known?
  5. Who wrote the classic novel "War and Peace"?
  6. Which horse won the Grand National on three occasions in the 1970s?
  7. On which date does American Independence Day fall?
  8. Which composer wrote the opera "The Marriage of Figaro"?
  9. What does the French word "Pomme" translate to in English?
  10. What currency is used in Pakistan?
  11. What is each playing period in a game of polo called?
  12. Which horse features in the title of a novel by Anna Sewell?
  13. In which stadium is the French Open tennis championship played?
  14. At which temperature on the Fahrenheit scale does water freeze at atmospheric pressure?
  15. Who in 1977 released the album "Bat Out of Hell"?
  16. Hans Holbein the Younger was the court painter to which English King?
  17. How many of the US States have a Pacific coastline?
  18. Which Irish boyband took their first six singles to the UK number one spot?
  19. What did a fletcher make?
  20. Of what is Hippophobia the irrational fear?
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