Easier General Knowledge 110

Published: Monday 3rd August 2020A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. What was the name of rocker Bill Haley's backing band?
  2. Which city is home to cricket's Trent Bridge ground?
  3. Hannibal famously crossed the alps utilising which animals?
  4. In the name of the capital of the USA, what does DC stand for?
  5. Which duo were responsible for writing the Savoy operas?
  6. What was the title of The Beatles' second movie?
  7. How many degrees make up a right angle?
  8. In Norse mythology, where was the home of the Gods?
  9. Who played Eleven in the Netflix series "Stranger Things"?
  10. In which English county would you find the seaside resorts of Filey and Scarborough?
  11. The movie "Clueless" was based on which Jane Austen novel?
  12. Which monarch directly followed Henry VI to the English throne?
  13. In the zodiac, which animal is linked to the star sign of Capricorn?
  14. Which ground was home to Sunderland AFC from 1898 to 1997?
  15. In which Charles Dickens' novel would you find the character Wackford Squeers?
  16. What is the capital of Malta?
  17. A deficiency of iron in the diet can lead to which medical condition?
  18. On a standard London underground map, what colour is the Bakerloo Line?
  19. What is the scientific name for "laughing gas"?
  20. What nationality was the Artic explorer Roald Amundsen?
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