Easier General Knowledge 118

Published: Saturday 13th February 2021A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. What is a Queen of Puddings topped with?
  2. Who was the Third wife of Henry VIII?
  3. Who was the male lead in the original London production of "Phantom of the Opera"?
  4. Juneau is the capital of which state of the USA?
  5. According to the old saying, what is a bird in the hand worth?
  6. Which planet in our solar system has the most moons?
  7. What would you use a Windsor Knot for?
  8. Everest is the highest peak in which mountain range?
  9. What type of wheat is used to make pasta?
  10. What wood is traditionally used to make cricket bats?
  11. Which mythical creature is half man, half horse?
  12. The signing of which treaty brought the First World War to an end?
  13. In music what term describes a note that is neither sharp or flat?
  14. In which European city were the 1928 Summer Olympics held?
  15. Which actress played the wife of Ricky Tomlinson in both Brookside and The Royle Family?
  16. Which element is represented by the symbol Co?
  17. The "Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves" comes from which Verdi opera?
  18. Meadowhall shopping centre lies on the outskirts of which city?
  19. According to the movies, who likes his martini 'shaken not stirred'?
  20. Which airport has the code CDG?
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