Easier General Knowledge 124

Published: Monday 19th July 2021A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. After which Queen was the Australian State of Queensland named?
  2. In which US city was the TV sit-com "Frasier" set?
  3. How many events feature in the athletic event The Heptathlon?
  4. "Take Five" was the most famous piece by which jazz combo?
  5. In which year did Britain's only General Strike take place?
  6. What is the meaning of the nautical term Avast?
  7. Aquamarine, Navy and Denim are all shades of which colour?
  8. Which North African country lies between Morocco and Tunisia?
  9. What are the two main ingredients of Bubble and Squeak?
  10. What was the first name of Napoleon Bonaparte's first wife?
  11. Who wrote the popular novel "The Railway Children"?
  12. In which city do the football team Ajax play their home matches?
  13. In law what do the initials QC represent?
  14. Which country left the EC in 1985?
  15. Who played the role of Clarice Starling in the movie "The Silence of the Lambs"?
  16. Where in the human body is the Cuboid Bone?
  17. What was the title of The Beatles first album?
  18. What is the official language of Haiti?
  19. Which Welsh actor has played Tony Blair, David Frost and Brian Clough in movies?
  20. Which Father and Son were both Formula 1 World Champions?
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