Easier General Knowledge 129

Published: Thursday 14th October 2021A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. As at 2021, what is the UK's longest running sit-com?
  2. In which organs of the body would you find aqueous and vitreous humours?
  3. What was composer Mozart's middle name?
  4. What term is used for someone who doesn't eat food or use products of animal origin?
  5. Which English Rugby League team is known as the Rhinos?
  6. According to the Bible, where was Cain sent after killing Abel?
  7. Which 1960s musical includes the song "Aquarius"?
  8. What name is given to a flower that blooms year after year?
  9. Which was the fourth book in the Harry Potter Series?
  10. What is the young of an eel?
  11. Who wrote the Jack Reacher series of novels?
  12. Which journalist and author served as Tony Blair's Director of Communications from 2000-2003?
  13. What desert is found in the north of Chile?
  14. In which month is ANZAC Day commented in Australia?
  15. Of which country is Rabat the capital?
  16. Which BBC game show shares its name with a Pink Floyd album?
  17. In which country is Montego Bay?
  18. What does the C in the acronym GCHQ stand for?
  19. Which African fly transmits Sleeping Sickness?
  20. Which Batman villain was played in the TV series by Burgess Meredith?
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