Easier General Knowledge 87

Published: Saturday 24th August 2019A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. Tasmania is separated from mainland Australia by which stretch of water?
  2. When is the Blue Peter flag generally flown on a ship?
  3. With 26 titles, who has been the British Racing Champion Jockey on most occassions?
  4. By what name are the Sandwich Islands now known?
  5. Who was Prime Minister of the UK when India gained independence?
  6. Which animal lives in a drey?
  7. Which is the most westerly city in Australia?
  8. Which animal is used as the symbol for the Republican Party in the USA?
  9. Who played guitar in the rock band Led Zeppelin?
  10. Which branch of science is described as "the scientific study of substances"?
  11. Which cartoon character had a dog named Gnasher?
  12. Which British seaside town sits at the end of the M55 motorway?
  13. Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a pair of scales?
  14. Which is the smallest bat native to Britain?
  15. In which Italian city would you find La Scala opera house?
  16. Which children's story features a fairy called Tinkerbell?
  17. Which US city was the first to host a Summer Olympic games?
  18. What building is pictured on a bottle of HP sauce?
  19. Who wrote "The Jungle Book"?
  20. What is the base number in the Binary system?
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