Quiz Number 125

Published: Sunday 6th August 2017
  1. How many letters does the Greek alphabet contain?
  2. Which English King removed the Stone of Scone from Scotland?
  3. Which is the largest of the Greater Antilles islands?
  4. Between which two planets would you find the Asteroid Belt?
  5. Which songs with "Under" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Eartha Kitt (1955), [b] Last Shadow Puppets (2008), [c] Sandie Shaw (1966), [d] Queen with David Bowie (1981) and [e] Funkadelic (1978)?
  6. What is the occupation of a Bibliopolist?
  7. Who was President of the Confederate States of America from 1862 to 1865?
  8. In the Thomas Hardy novel, what was the name of the Mayor of Casterbridge?
  9. In which countries would you find the following wine growing regions, [a] Limari Valley, [b] Napa County, [c] Rheinhessen, [d] Chianti and [e] Cloudy Bay?
  10. In the TV series, who was the pilot of Thunderbird 1?
  11. From what original TV programme were the following "spin-offs", [a] "Softly Softly", [b] "Timmy Time", [c] "The Fenn Street Gang", [d] "The Green Green Grass" and [e] "NCIS"?
  12. By what name was Benin known prior to 1975?
  13. What is taught under the Delsarte System?
  14. Which four US States start with the letter "A"?
  15. What was actor Rex Harrison's birth name?
  16. Which Australian State capital lies on the Torrens River?
  17. In surfboarding terms what is a skeg?
  18. Who were the authors of the following Booker Prize winning books, [a] "Midnight's Children" (1981), [b] "The Sellout" (2016), [c] "The Inheritance of Loss" (2006), [d] "Heat and Dust" (1975) and [e] "Amsterdam" (1998)?
  19. What is the stage name of singer Alecia Beth Moore?
  20. Where might a fumerole be found?
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