Quiz Number 160 - Answers

Published: Monday 9th September 2019A free quiz for those who like something more challenging.
  1. Which was the first film in the "Carry On" series? Carry On Sergeant.
  2. In which country is the Graham Greene novel "The Power and the Glory" set? Mexico.
  3. In Norse mythology who or what was Mjollnir? Thor's Hammer.
  4. Which is the youngest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? Pharos of Alexandria.
  5. Which songs with "Run" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists,[a] Alvin Stardust (1984), [b] Chris Brown (2006), [c] Bobby Vee (1961), [d] MC Sar and the Real McCoy (1994) and [e] Rage (1992)? [a] "I Won't Run Away", reached no 7. [b] "Run It", no 2, [c] "Run to Him", no 6, [d] "Run Away", no 6 and [e] "Run to You", no 3.
  6. What connects the Great Bitter Lake to the Small Bitter Lake? The Suez Canal.
  7. Which rank in the Royal Navy is immediately above a Captain? Commodore.
  8. In what modern day country is Mount Ararat located? Turkey.
  9. Who was the only US President to have been elected on four occasions? F D Roosevelt.
  10. By what name are members of the Porifera class of animals better known? Sponges.
  11. The Kayagum (or Guyageum) is the national instrument of which country? Korea.
  12. Where did the 2014 Tour de France start? (Leeds) Yorkshire.
  13. What is the common name for the disease Variola? Smallpox.
  14. Which French artist is generally recognised as the founder of impressionism? Claude Monet.
  15. Of which African nation are the following the capitals,[a] Praia, [b] Asmara, [c] Maseru, [d] Monrovia and [e] Juba? [a] Cape Verde, [b] Eritrea, [c] Lesotho, [d] Liberia and [e] South Sudan.
  16. Which fashion house produces the Guilty Absolute woman's fragrance? Gucci.
  17. Which economic historian is credited with first coining the phrase "The Industrial Revolution"? Arnold Toynbee.
  18. How many letters are there in the Greek alphabet? Twenty-four.
  19. Which sci-fi author was the writer of the "Foundation Trilogy"? Isaac Asimov.
  20. What, according to the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, is the minimum number of floors for a building to be declared a skyscraper? Forty.

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