Father's Day 1

Published: Sunday 9th May 2010
  1. When is Father's Day celebrated in the UK and USA?
  2. In the play by Shakespeare, King Lear had three daughters, what were their names?
  3. What was the name of the ship that transported The Pilgrim Fathers to America?
  4. With what phrase did Harold Steptoe regularly address his father in the TV sitcom "Steptoe and Son"?
  5. In British politics to whom does the phrase "Father of the House" refer?
  6. Who was the father of Queen Elizabeth I?
  7. With whom did Father Abrahams reach number 2 in the UK charts in June 1978?
  8. Who created the fictional detective "Father Brown"?
  9. Who directed the three films in "The Godfather" series?
  10. In Norse legend, who was the father of Thor?
  11. Boyzone had hit with the song "Father and Son", but who wrote and originally recorded the song?
  12. Who was Superman's father?
  13. Who was said to have been the "Father of the people of Israel"?
  14. In the "Father Ted" sitcom, what was the name of the song that Ted wrote for 'Eurosong '96'?
  15. What was the real name of wrestler "Big Daddy"?
  16. Which musical features the character "Daddy Warbucks"?
  17. Who wrote the book entitled "Dreams From My Father"?
  18. Who directed the film "Flags of our Fathers"?
  19. Who played "The Father of the Bride" in the 1950 film of the same name?
  20. Who had a number one UK hit in 1972 with "Son of my Father"?
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