London Olympics 2012 -1

Published: Wednesday 3rd August 2011
  1. Which were the final FIVE cities in the running for the Olympic hosting in 2012?
  2. 2012 will be the third occasion that London will host the Olympic Games, name the dates of the previous occasions?
  3. Which FIVE London boroughs will host the 2012 Olympic Games?
  4. What will be the capacity of the Olympic stadium during the 2012 games?
  5. At which venue will the archery events be hosted at the 2012 London Olympics?
  6. How many sports will feature in the 2012 London Olympics?
  7. Who are the TWO mascots of the 2012 London Olympics?
  8. Who is the Chairman of LOCOG [the London Organising committee] for the 2012 London Olympics?
  9. Which iconic building was designed for the 2012 London Olympics by acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid?
  10. Where will the first event of the 2012 London Olympics be held?
  11. Which TWO pop stars performed in the Olympic handover ceremony in Beijing?
  12. From what material was the 2012 Olympic torch made?
  13. What venue hosted the 2012 London Olympics equestrian events?
  14. Who is the President of the British Olympic Association [BOC]?
  15. What was the O2 Arena known as during the London Olympics?
  16. All horses competing in Olympic equestrian events must be the same nationality as their rider, is this TRUE or FALSE?
  17. Which Greek Goddess featured on the front of the winner's medals at the 2012 London Olympics?
  18. What number was the 2012 London Olympics?
  19. Which TWO Olympic sports are ONLY contested by women?
  20. Which city will play host to the 2016 Olympic games?
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