Children in Need 2011

Published: Tuesday 25th October 2011
  1. In which year did "Children in Need" first take place as a full evening telethon?
  2. Who were the THREE presenters who presented the Children In Need show in1980?
  3. A highlight of recent years has been the performance of the BBC newsreaders, whose hits did they montage in Children In Need 2010?
  4. Which TWO "Doctors" starred in "Time Crash", the Doctor Who mini-episode especially made for the 2007 Children In Need broadcast?
  5. In which Irish county was presenter Terry Wogan born?
  6. What was the slogan used for the 2010 Children In Need event?
  7. In which year did Pudsey Bear first make an appearance?
  8. Which "Children in Need" official single in 1997 became the first to reach the UK Number One spot?
  9. The cast of which TV soap performed a Queen tribute in Children In Need 2009?
  10. Which bear joined Pudsey in 2009?
  11. Which group of people performed "The Full Monty" on the 1998 Children In Need broadcast?
  12. Which girl band reformed to release the official Children In Need single in 2007?
  13. In which year did the Children In Need appeal first raise over £20 million on the night?
  14. From where does Pudsey Bear get his name?
  15. Which female singer opened the 2010 Children In Need broadcast?
  16. In which year did Terry Wogan receive his knighthood?
  17. Who performed the official Children In Need single in 2009 alongside a cast of cartoon characters?
  18. Over which eye does Pudsey Bear wear his bandage?
  19. Which presenter went on a rickshaw ride to raise money for the 2011 Children In Need appeal?
  20. On which date was the 2011 Children In Need event be held?
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