Royal Babies

Published: Friday 28th June 2013With the impending birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby, here’s a quiz to celebrate Royal Births through the ages.
  1. When Willam and Kate's first baby was born, how many Great Grandchildren did the Queen have?
  2. Although technically no surname is required for the baby of Prince William, the parents have a choice of three, what are these?
  3. Where will the Prince William's baby be in succession to the throne?
  4. Which member of the government had to attend Royal births to ensure the birth was legitimate?
  5. How many public figures were reportedly present at the birth of James II's son James Francis in 1688?
  6. Which was the first future King to be born at Buckingham Palace?
  7. Which future King was born at Sandringham in July 1903?
  8. How many children did Queen Victoria give birth to?
  9. Where was the Duke of Edinburgh born?
  10. What colour was the water in London's Trafalgar Square fountains turned when Prince Charles was born?
  11. Who was the first Royal baby to wear disposable nappies?
  12. The Royal birth of Prince William's baby will be celebrated by a salute from the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery, how many rounds will be fired?
  13. Who was the first direct heir to the throne to be born in a hospital?
  14. Which is the only monarch to have both been born and die at Buckingham Palace?
  15. How will the general public be informed of the birth of Prince William's baby?
  16. By what name was the Queen known as a small child?
  17. Which museum opened a display celebrating Royal Babies on June 28th 2013?
  18. Starting with the lightest put these Royal Princes in birth weight order, [a] Prince William, [b] Price Harry and [c] Prince Charles
  19. The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to hospital early in her first pregnancy with severe morning sickness, what is the medical name for this condition?
  20. Who gave birth to Princess Tiaamii in June 2007?
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