Computers 1

Published: Tuesday 16th March 2010
  1. The term "computer" was first recorded in 1613,to what did it refer?
  2. How is the word "computer" defined today?
  3. The first mechanical computer was developed in 1837 by whom?
  4. Built in 1943 in Bletchley Park, the British computer "Colossus" was developed for what purpose?
  5. When was the term "internet" first used?
  6. What did Donald Davies from Treorchy in South Wales invent that made the internet as we know it today possible?
  7. Who received the Millennium Technology prize in 2004 for his work in creating the World Wide Web?
  8. What do the following terms mean in the world of computing,(i)RAM, (ii) CPU, (iii) ROM, (iv) HTML and (v) HTTP
  9. Ray Tomlinson became the first man to do what in 1971?
  10. How many bytes make 1 kilobyte?
  11. When on the internet what is "Error 404"?
  12. Where are the headquarters of Microsoft?
  13. What countries are represented by the following internet codes, (i)AF, (ii) BO, (iii) KY, (iv) HR and (v) KR
  14. What was the name of the computer that defeated World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov in 1997?
  15. What device did Douglas Englebart invent in 1967?
  16. What does the word "PIXEL" stand for?
  17. The chairman of IBM in 1943 underestimated the computer revolution when he said " I think there is a world market for maybe __ computers", how many did he think?
  18. What was first launched with an advert directed by Ridley Scott during Super-bowl XVIII in 1984?
  19. What does the file extension "pdf" stand for?
  20. What was the first feature film to be entirely computer animated?
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