Cricket 1

Published: Tuesday 23rd March 2010
  1. What is the distance between the wickets on a cricket pitch?
  2. There are four types of extras (sundries in Australia) in cricket, can you name them?
  3. Where are the headquarters of the International Cricket Council?
  4. What does MCC stand for in relation to cricket?
  5. Which London ground is said to be "The Home of Cricket"?
  6. Who was the first batsman to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket?
  7. In cricket, for which English county was Gary Sobers playing when he hit Glamorgan's Malcolm Nash for six sixes from one over?
  8. Which teams compete for the Ashes?
  9. What form of cricket shares its name with perfect eyesight?
  10. Between which two nations, not known for their cricketing prowess, did the first International take place in 1844?
  11. Which cricket batsman has scored the most test runs up to March 2010?
  12. Which cricket bowler has taken the most test wickets up to March 2010?
  13. Which cricket team has scored the highest number of runs in a single test innings?
  14. Which cricket team has scored the lowest number of runs in a single test innings?
  15. Which cricket batsman averaged the highest [99.94 runs] in test matches?
  16. Which cricket batsman has the highest individual score in a single test innings?
  17. Only two cricket bowlers have taken all ten wickets in a test innings, who were they?
  18. Which businessman who created the 20/20 cricket tournament in the West Indies, was arrested for fraud in 2009?
  19. Who founded the break-away World Series Cricket in 1977?
  20. There are ten ways that a batsman can lose his wicket in cricket, how many can you name?
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