Golf 1

Published: Thursday 8th July 2010
  1. What FOUR events make up the majors in the golfing world?
  2. Which golfer is known as "The Great White Shark"?
  3. In golf, how is a bunker known in the USA?
  4. What is the Women's equivalent of the Ryder Cup?
  5. What is Tiger Woods real first name?
  6. What is the maximum number of clubs allowed in a golf bag?
  7. At what age can a golfer join the Senior Tour?
  8. What nationality is golfer Vijay Singh?
  9. On which golf course would you find 'The Road Hole'?
  10. In golf, a Birdie is a hole played one under par, what's an Albatross?
  11. What trophy is awarded to the winner of the golf Open?
  12. In golf, what name is given to the area at Augusta containing the 11th, 12th and 13rd holes?
  13. Which golfer was known for his all-black outfits?
  14. Which one of the majors is played on the same course each year?
  15. On which British golf course would you find "The Postage Stamp"?
  16. In which year did golfer Seve Ballesteros win his first Open?
  17. What was the nickname of golfing legend Lee Trevino?
  18. Who captained the European team to victory in the 1995 Ryder Cup?
  19. Who was the first Englishman to win the US golf Open after the war?
  20. In golf, what is special about a "LINKS" course?
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