English Test Cricket

Published: Tuesday 31st July 2018This week English Test Cricket reaches a milestone with the 1,000 match being played. To celebrate here's a free fun quiz exploring the history of this great game.
  1. England's first official test match took place on 15th March 1877, who provided the opposition on that occasion?
  2. Against how many countries have England played official test matches?
  3. Who is the only English batsman to have scored over 12,000 test runs?
  4. Which English bowler holds the record for the most five-wicket hauls in a test innings?
  5. In which year did the first "Ashes" test take place between England and Australia?
  6. Who in 1949 became the youngest English player to take part in a test match?
  7. Which English player has scored the most ducks while playing test cricket?
  8. In which year was England's only test defeat to Bangladesh?
  9. Which country have England played the most test matches against?
  10. The highest score by an English player in a test match innings is 364, which player scored this?
  11. Which was the first English ground to host a test match?
  12. Which wicket-keeper holds the record for most dismissals by an English test player?
  13. Which English bowler holds the record for the most ten-wicket hauls in a test match?
  14. Which ground has hosted the most English test matches?
  15. Who was the first English bowler to take 300 test wickets?
  16. How many England test matches have been played in Wales?
  17. At 52, who was the oldest English player to take part in a test match?
  18. Which England wicket-keeper has made the most test stumpings?
  19. Who is the only English bowler to have taken over 500 wickets in test cricket?
  20. Who is the only player to have represented both Australia and England in an Ashes test match?
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