Motor Sport 3

Published: Wednesday 10th October 2018A free sports quiz about Formula 1, Superbikes and all other motor sports.
  1. Launched in 1900 by the owner of the New York what was the first cup awarded in motorsports?
  2. Which branch of motorcycle racing uses machines derived from standard production models?
  3. With 91 wins to his credit who is Formula 1's most successful driver?
  4. Who was the first driver to be knighted for his services to motor sports?
  5. Who in 1950 became the first Formula One World Champion?
  6. With 17 Championship wins to date which manufacturer is the most successful in Superbike racing?
  7. With nine wins who is the most successful driver in the Le Mans 24 Hour race?
  8. Hans Neilsen, World speedway champion on four occasions, was known by what nickname by his fellow professionals?
  9. Which Grand Prix in 2006 gave Michael Schumacher his last win in Formula One?
  10. In which year was the Formula-e Championships started?
  11. In which English county is Oulton Park motor racing circuit?
  12. As at the start of the 2018 season, how many times has a British driver won the Formula 1 World Championship?
  13. With 8 victories in the 500cc class and 7 in the 350cc class, who has won the most motorcycle World championships?
  14. With 4 championships to 2011 who is the most successful British driver in the Indy Car series?
  15. Who was the only Welsh winner of the speedway World Championship?
  16. Which British circuit hosted the 1993 European Grand Prix in Formula 1?
  17. Who joined Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty on a record seven when winning the 2016 NASCAR championship?
  18. In which motor racing event is the Borg-Warner Trophy awarded to the winner?
  19. In which year was the first Isle of Man TT race held?
  20. What colour flag is waved in Formula 1 to indicate that the driver is disqualified?
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