Racquet Sports 3

Published: Friday 1st July 2022A free sports quiz about all forms of racquet sport.
  1. Which city hosts the Australian Open tennis tournament?
  2. Which woman won sixteen consecutive British Open Squash Championships between 1962 and 1977?
  3. What sport, invented by Joe Sobek in 1950 is played on a handball court using a strung paddle?
  4. Which country won the gold medal at the only time Pelota was contested at the Olympic Games (1900)?
  5. In which year was Badminton first introduced into the Commonwealth Games?
  6. In tennis what name is given to a serve that is in and not touched by the returner?
  7. Which is the only European country to have won an Olympic gold in badminton?
  8. Often referred to as "the sport of Kings", which sport is known as Courte-paume in France?
  9. What is the name of the tennis-like game created for naturists in the 1930s?
  10. How high is the top of a badminton net?
  11. Which is the only tennis Grand Slam event that is held on clay courts?
  12. Which nation has won all but two women's World Table Tennis Championships?
  13. Professionals at squash would generally play with what colour dot ball?
  14. Where was the game of Padel created in 1969?
  15. In the London 2012 Olympics, which venue hosted the badminton matches?
  16. After which famous tennis player is the stadium used for the US Open named?
  17. How many Olympic table tennis medals have been won by British players?
  18. In which year did the World Squash Championship for men first take place?
  19. Originating in Scandinavia what four sports make up Racketlon?
  20. In which year did Britons Chris Langridge & Marcus Ellis win Olympic bronze medals in the badminton men's doubles?
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