Cops on the Box 1

Published: Saturday 24th April 2010
  1. Which actor played both lawyer "Perry Mason" and disabled detective "Ironside"?
  2. Who wrote the novels that the TV series "Inspector Morse" was based on?
  3. Which three cities are featured in the CSI TV series?
  4. What was the name of the village in which Miss Marple lived?
  5. Where was "Magnum PI", starring Tom Selleck, set?
  6. Who played Tara King in "The Avengers"?
  7. Which TV detective was played by Pierce Brosnan before he became 007?
  8. In which year did Sam Tyler re-awake after his car accident in "Life on Mars"?
  9. What role did Brian Blessed play in the 1960's series "Z-Cars"?
  10. Which TV detective had served a term in San Quentin after being wrongly convicted of armed robbery?
  11. What was the catchphrase of TV detective "Kojak"?
  12. What were Bodie and Doyle better known as?
  13. Which TV detective, a recovering alcoholic, was based in the Channel Island of Jersey?
  14. What was the street-wise jive talking underworld contact for "Starsky and Hutch"?
  15. What were the first names of Mr and Mrs Hart in TV's "Hart to Hart"?
  16. What was the name of the detective agency run by Maddie Hayes and David Addison in "Moonlighting"?
  17. Who was the character played by Edd Byrnes in the 60s TV series "77 Sunset Strip"?
  18. Now entering its 21st season, what US cop series has become the longest running drama on prime time TV?
  19. Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs were characters in which US based police drama?
  20. What is the common link between the following TV detectives: Hazell, Rockford, Taggart and Bergerac?
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