Star Trek 1

Published: Wednesday 7th July 2010
  1. Who was the creator of Star Trek?
  2. Who played Dr. McCoy in the original Star Trek TV series?
  3. What is Captain Kirk's middle name?
  4. How long did the original Star Trek series run on US TV before being cancelled?
  5. Which follow-up series to Star Trek was first shown in 1987 and ran for seven years?
  6. What was the name of the starship featured in the follow-up series to the original Star Trek?
  7. Who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard?
  8. Which part of Captain Jean-Luc Picard's body was artificial?
  9. What was the name of the android Lieutenant on board the ship in the follow-up series to the original Star Trek?
  10. Which character was the first Klingon main character to appear in Star Trek and has to date appeared in more episodes than any other?
  11. Who was the Star fleet officer placed in charge of Deep Space Nine?
  12. Which rival show to Star Trek had a similar storyline to Deep Space Nine's first season?
  13. Who in Star Trek:Voyager, became the first woman starship captain?
  14. Up to 2010 how many Star Trek feature films have been released?
  15. Which film featured Mr Spock's half-brother Sybok?
  16. What was the name of Spock's father?
  17. What was the power drive source for the original Enterprise in Star Trek?
  18. What is the maximum theoretical speed of Federation starships in Star Trek?
  19. Which was the first of the four Star Trek films to feature the cast of The Next Generation?
  20. After the death of Star Trek's creator where were his ashes taken?
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