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Published: Tuesday 25th October 2011
  1. What was the real name of Herge, Tin-Tin's creator?
  2. Which was the first Tin-Tin title to be published?
  3. What is the name of Tin-Tin's dog?
  4. What nationality was Herge, Tin-Tin's creator?
  5. In which Tin-Tin book did Captain Haddock first make his appearance?
  6. In Tin-Tin, by what name is Professor Calculus known in his native French?
  7. What breed is Tin-Tin's dog?
  8. Which 80s band took its name from Tin-Tin characters?
  9. In which Belgian newspaper did Tin-Tin first appear?
  10. In which Tin-Tin adventure did Professor Calculus first appear?
  11. How many years prior to Neil Armstrong did Tin-Tin walk on the moon?
  12. What symbol does Tin-Tin's Captain Haddock have on the front of his jumper?
  13. In which year was Tin-Tin's last adventure "Tin-Tin and the Picaros" published?
  14. What was Tin-Tin's occupation?
  15. What is The Unicorn referred to in the Tin-Tin title "The Secret of the Unicorn"?
  16. What is the highest selling Tin-Tin title of all time?
  17. By what distinguishing feature are Tin-Tin's Thomson and Thompson told apart?
  18. Who is the director of the 2011 film "Tin-Tin and the Secret of the Unicorn"?
  19. Which THREE stories does the Tin-Tin film combine?
  20. Who stars as the voice of Tin-Tin in the film?
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