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Published: Friday 13th May 2022A free quiz about the theme music to tV programmes
  1. Which composer was responsible for the themes to "Hill Street Blues", "The Rockford Files" and "Law and Order" amongst many others?
  2. Which group sang the theme tune to the long running comedy series "The Big Bang Theory"?
  3. What was the name of The Rembrandts theme for TV's "Friends"?
  4. Which Oasis track was used as the closing theme to TV's "The Royle Family"?
  5. The theme to the 80's TV series "Moonlighting" was sung by which American singer?
  6. Who took the Miami Vice tune "Crockett's Theme" to number 2 in the UK charts?
  7. The Anita Dobson song "Anyone Can Fall in Love" was a lyrical version of which TV programme?
  8. The Denis Waterman song "I Could Be So Good For You" was the theme to which TV programme?
  9. Which Welsh rock band covered "Suicide is Painless", the theme to MASH, in 1992?
  10. "Eye Level" by the Simon Park Orchestra was the theme to which 70's detective show?
  11. From which work by Prokofiev does the theme to BBC's "The Apprentice" come?
  12. Which Bob Dylan composition was used as the theme to "Absolutely Fabulous"?
  13. What was the name of the song used as the theme to "Cheers"?
  14. Songs written by Pete Townsend were used as the themes for which US detective franchise?
  15. Which old-time music hall star performed the theme to sit-com "Dad's Army"?
  16. Which band provided the theme and much of the other music used in "Father Ted" including the spoof Eurovision song "My Lovely Horse"?
  17. What track by Fleetwood Mac is used as the opening music for UK's F1 Grand Prix coverage?
  18. Which soul band provided the theme to the BBC's coverage of Test Match cricket?
  19. The song "Handbags and Galdrags" was used as the closing theme for which British sit-com?
  20. Which TV sit-com opens with the music "Alice, Where Art Thou?"?
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