Groups from the Sixties 2 - Answers

Published: Wednesday 11th January 2017
  1. What was the name of Martha Reeves' backing group? The Vandellas
  2. Who produced The Tornados "Telstar" to the top spot on both sides of the Atlantic? Joe Meek
  3. Which group took "Groovy Kind of Love" to the UK number 2 spot in 1966? The Mindbenders
  4. Who formed The Big Roll Band in 1961? Zoot Money
  5. Who was the drummer with The Monkees? Micky Dolenz
  6. Which band was formed in 1964 by Denny Laine? The Moody Blues
  7. Which band was Van Morrison a member in the 1960s? Them
  8. What band was founded in 1965 by Frank Zappa? Mothers of Invention
  9. What was the name of the band that first brought Roy Wood to fame in the 1960s? The Move
  10. What instrument did Keith Emerson play in sixties' band The Nice? Keyboards
  11. Which 60s band was founded by Bert Jansch and John Renbourn? Pentangle
  12. Which sixties band started life as P P Arnold's backing group? The Nice
  13. Who did David Gilmour replace in the band Pink Floyd? Syd Barrett
  14. Of which band of the sixties was Hank Marvin the lead guitarist? The Shadows
  15. Who was the lead vocalist of the sixties band The Small Faces? Steve Marriott
  16. Who played bass guitar with The Who? John Entwistle
  17. Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone were members of which sixties' band? The Zombies
  18. Which girl group had a worldwide hit in 1964 with "Chapel of Love"? The Dixie Cups
  19. Who was the singer with Jefferson Airplane? Grace Slick
  20. Of which group was Dave Edmunds a member in the 1960s? Love Sculpture

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  1. Phil says:

    Jefferson Airplane had two singers – many of my favourite trackes were sung by Marty Balin.

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